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Fuck you kid! Billy mays is a fucking child molestor! Billy fucking smokes pot in the school playground with kids, and then goes to masturbate in the fucking parking lot! Billy Mays advertises fucking SHIT! Like the huge ass tampon, Zorbees! Billy also advertises the big shitty sliders! He sells Mighty Putty in the shapes of dildos! He sells o-XXX-y fuck!










a photo of

2015-05-08 02:19:09 by CheezNapkin

a photo of me on


Slap Chunky Meats.

2014-12-01 22:49:47 by CheezNapkin

Slap Chunky Meats.


2014-04-18 17:25:27 by CheezNapkin

the vending machine at my school ran out of doritos....another reason i don't believe in god.

grown women do not smell doll baby head

david faustino

2013-08-27 15:42:27 by CheezNapkin

More spamming of the bbs. When you weren't talking about John Cena again, you just keep putting up dumb stuff like "david faustino" and weird unrelated porn descriptions that looked like something from a foreign website that's trying to spit out English. Next time you pull a stunt like this, I'm banning you for 30 days.

david faustino


2013-08-18 22:33:37 by CheezNapkin

wow im fucking mad i worked really hard on those posts about john cena and now they're all gone SAD CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY SAD SAD SAD SAD

My buddy Mark stopped getting high with me because he now works at the post office and has to do a piss test every other week. Just last week though, I see him sparking up. I'm like "Dude are you smoking bud again???" and he is all "Yeah! I bought ONE POUND of legal bud at FREDCRACKLINBENGHAZI.COM and I don't need to worry, this shit doesn't come up in piss tests and it's some potent shit!"

"One pound??? Holy fuck dude you can deal this shit!!" After seeing how good this bud was I decided to go to DUCKJOBWAVFANSITE.COM myself and bought 8 ounces of Hawaiian Gold Bud. I figured I might as well smoke this and be a local dealer in the neighborhood too.

Well my plan was an instant success. I can't believe it but I actually drove the other dealers OUT OF BUSINESS. They just couldn't compete with my prices and my shit was 100% legal! I was the talk of the town. Even the cops were buying shit off me!

Anyway don't take my word for it. Goto FREESAMPLETEXT.COM yourself and check it out. This place is too good to be kept a secret. One warning though. If you smoke bud and drive, don't do that shit with this potent bud. My friend blasted up before going on his mailing route and he ended up crashing the postal truck LOL. They fired his ass and now he is dealing full time with me and making a killing! Oh and he still smokes up the legal bud!



2013-05-22 21:54:56 by CheezNapkin

قطع رأس الذين يهينون السلام

Well I don't think "sorry" is gonna cut it. I don't know if this just some of your weird sense of humor or you're doing this on purpose, but you really screwed up this time.
I wanted to end this "relationship" on a fairly good note, I even tried to be as nice and thoughtful as I could about it, but then you went and stabbed me in the back.

That's it. It's over.

Happy f***ing new year.

Well I don't think "sorry" is gonna cut it. I don't know if this just some of your weird sense of humor or you're doing this